Kitesurf Equipment Rental

Did not you have the opportunity to take your material with? You do not want to invest because you practice kitesurfing only during the holidays? You do not have your IKO card yet? No problem Royal Kitesurf School – RBSC Zoute takes care of everything!

Spending a week at the sea but don’t have any equipment with you? Our kitecard might be just what you need: 10 x 1h (or more) kite + board rental for 325 euros.

In our offer yyou’ll find the complete Slingshot range from the 3,5m to the 15m (Rally, & Turbine Lightwind)

 Type 1 hour 1-2.5 hours 2.5-5 hours
Complete set 100€ 160€
Kite 65€ 100€
Kiteboard 45€ 70€
Wet suite 10€ 10€
Harness 10€ 10€

Harness, wet suit, beachkite (10€ per session/item)

Would you rather buy your own gear? See you at Billy Kite Shop


Material rental regulations.

A rental agreement must be signed and a cash deposit is required for all rentals. It will be returned when the equipment returns.

Our team has the right to refuse the rental. For cause, level not acquired or not proven, bad weather conditions or at risk, …

Our responsible team is therefore the only judge of the acceptance of the lease and will give you a work area.

The tenant must provide a valid identity document.
The renter acknowledges having received the rental equipment in perfect condition.
The tenant will check the condition of the rental equipment upon receipt.
There will be no refund if the tenant has not used the equipment.
The tenant uses the equipment at his own risk. Royal Kitesurf School is not responsible for any injury or damage caused by the tenant to himself or to third parties.
The renter is responsible for the damage caused to the equipment made during the rental period.
The tenant must pay for the repair of the equipment.
If the repair costs exceed 100 €, the tenant must buy the equipment at the price of the occasion.
If the tenant loses the equipment or if the tenant is stolen, the tenant must pay the price of the opportunity (a list with prices is available at the center).
The renter may change his equipment according to the availability, the fare formula, and the opening hours of the center.