Do you prefer to receive personalized classes?
We suggest you take private lessons!
Private kitesurf

The special kitesurfing course will be perfectly adapted to your own pace. The instructor will start by estimating your level and adjust the course accordingly, taking into account your personal expectations.

Thanks to private classes, you will progress more quickly. You will not learn any mistakes made by other trainees, which is always very rewarding!

Do you sail and want to learn some freestyle figures? This is not a problem at Royal Kitesurf School! The school’s manager, David Dheere, is a professional kiter who has the skills to make you evolve in hooked or unhooked maneuvers; Riley, Kiteloop, Back Mobe etc. It is with pleasure that it will help you to master the high aerobatics!

Price private lesson: 100€/ hour (incl.

Private package price: 630€/ 7 hours

For you:
Being in good physical shape, good swimming skills, sunglasses, sunscreen and enough to regain strength.

The school ensures you in RC but we recommend you to subscribe to a complementary sports insurance to be insured in case of accident following the practice of kitesurf in dehore courses!
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